PROJECT Beatriz Albuquerque TV: This on-going project started in 2016 and its a tribute to Andy Warhol's TV(1979-87). This project was first presented in NYC as a multimedia installation at Macy gallery (2016) were the audience was invited to enter a fake living-room and watch the Televisions shows - created by Beatriz - that were playing. Eventually Beatriz Albuquerque TV found her way to Manhattan cable shows (started 2017) at MNN2 channel: Spectrum 56 RCN 83 FIOS 34, were now it is screen by cable to everyone to watch anywhere in the city. 
PROJECT rEvolution (revolução): In this project rEvolution, Beatriz Albuquerque creates a manifest to emancipate everyone from the oppression that we live daily. one of the medium chosen to convey the message is through in person and virtual Performances (streets, SL, online game demonstrations) and daily newspapers advertising fomenting for a revolution and to join the fight to achieve acceptance and equality of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation & live option. (The rEvolution Project started in 2016, New York - USA)