- Artist Beatriz Albuquerque
- Title Revolution
- Medium Performance
- Year 2020
- Duration 1h
- Material 1 megaphone & 1 billboards
- Place of event 2020, Time Square, Washington Square Park, New York - USA.
- Description
In this Project Beatriz Albuquerque explores the notions of revolution and the upcoming evolution while creates a manifest to emancipate everyone from the oppression that we live daily. The problematic of still not having equality among ourselves as also acceptance from our diferences its what its point out in this performance that its score liked a street demonstration where it goes to the street with other persons, using a microphone and join the good fight of rights. This project is part of the on-going "Shadow Project" that started in 2015, New York and is part of the exhibition First Look: Cyberfeminism Index, New Museum, New York - USA.