- Artist Beatriz Albuquerque
- Title Tusme / Sangue
- Medium Video Installation
- Year 2005
- Material list Outside bilboard (2 x 3,5 m)
- Duration 30 sec.
- Place of event 2005, Out-video Festival, Ekaterinburg - Russia.
- Description
This animation was for an outdoor screen and has 2 different moments: the first animation deforms the senses in relation of the intellectual space that money occupied in our life. We can have conscience of some questions in relation of money: Can we sense a wealthy condition in relation of $? Do we all have the same notion about definitions? How do we sense it?
The second animation creates a projection of visual senses that create small narrative between simple forms and space. We can feel the abstract notion in and we could observed some different moments in the animation:  a sense of a psicadelic / abstract relationships in a microcosm / macrocosm way.