- Artist Beatriz Albuquerque
- Title DIY?
- Medium Performance
- Year 2005
- Duration 10 h
- Material Vinegar, paper, perfume container and wood basket.
- Place of event 2005, Awarded the Distinction Prize Ambient Series, PAC/edge Performance Festival, Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago USA.
- Description
Beatriz embodied the product and the public consumer opinion. A container of perfume replaced with vinegar helps to weave a labyrinth of feeling, penitence and playfulness, in which a paper was sprayed by this smell that contain the sentence: question yourSELF. This is given in to the public. We can conclude that the base of this performance is the stereotype of the perfume girl that tries to sell or show a product in the shopping mall / shop. Dealing with the invisible smell of the perfume - in this case vinegar - and the visible command wrote in the paper that is sprayed with the vinaigrette we can experience the same action that can happen in our every day life transpose to a different place, transform and with direct participation of the public.