- Artist Beatriz Albuquerque

- Title CaraVaggio

- Medium Video Installation

- Year 2006-2007

- Material list 2 DVD player and 2 monitors or 2 projectors.

- Duration 5 min. 30 sec.

- Place of event 2006 Jeune Creation Europeenne, Théatre de Montrouge/Klaipeda Exhibition Hall, Montrouge–France / Klaipeda–Lituanie. 

- Description
This Video Art is associated with the relationship between invisibles structures of the paintings and life of Caravaggio using visual poetry to transmit it and creating a temporary identity of this painter. Ideas such as important dates, characteristics of him and the paintings and colors appear in abstract and concrete way given by words or images but always defining the invisible structures and compositions that Caravaggio often use in is painting. In some cases more obvious than others, for example when the composition of the painting “Scudeo con testa di Medussa” appears in the video work. We can conclude that I have explored the invisible structures of the life of Caravaggio and I have created a visual poetry chart based on his life choices and evolution / structures of his art career.