- Artist Beatriz Albuquerque 
- Title ZZZZzzzz?,
- Medium Performance / Photography / Artist Books
- Year 2006-2007
- Size 1 x 0,70 m (each cibachrome print)
- Material Body, Artist Book (Paper, ink, charcoal, tape & glue) and Photos (cibachrome prints & slides).
- Place of event 2006, Street, Laspis TMT, Contemporary Art Centre, Art in Geral & M.I.T., Chicago, Vilnius, New York & Boston - USA.
- Description
This is an on-going project in which a person is asked to use a Zineprosthetic of my artist books, which adheres like a parasite to the body. The primary material used is Beatriz Albuquerque artist book called "Zzzzz?". This artist book was created in 2005-2006 in Chicago, IL and the topic was moneyz vs. Sex.
In this performative project a person is asked to use this Zineprosthetic objects as a human billboard, for an entire day performance. After casting a glove, a belt, a mask, a tie or necklace (for example), made from this zine on their body, an addiction of 3 photos are taken from this daily life performance.